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Happy Birthday portrait size Apart from better music playback, the AV Music Player (Pro) offers other awesome features. Easy to use, it lets you play your music instantly once launched. You just need to go to the Library tab under the menu option to view your music list or create your playlist

But, if you want to see how the app looks, you can tweak it with a color theme. Even if you flip your phone horizontally or vertically, the app also comes with a screen orientation lock to keep playback away from changing orientation. In addition, you can set the sleep timer to prevent the sleep timer from playing your music without opening the app again.


Happy Birthday portrait size Template Download

The Away Music Player (Pro) can play in the background, allowing you to listen to your music using other applications on your phone. You can also add it to your status bar widget for easy access. The app can also be accessed in the lock-screen, so you don’t have to unlock your phone whenever you want to leave the song.

AveePlayer  wap ni open cheyandi chesthe interspace e vidhanga untundi Right  side 1…  untundi Akkada click chesi loading file click chesi Andhuloki visualizer65 Tesukondi Tesukoni Akkada  Background image lo evari Birthday undo valla image Ni ikkada Tesukondi tharuvatha kindiki vachi  image pai click chesi malli inko pic tesukovali Ade vidhanga malli  image Tesukovali tesukonna image Ni set chesukoni malli video song set chesukovali video lo chepinattallu tesukoni video ni export chesukoni 1050 : 1350 length tesukoni time set chesukoni Title pai click chesi name pettukovali malli export chesukunte video ready.
Ela ani cheyadam  valla manaku Manchi Avee Player Template screen effects ready avthundhi Naku me support eppudu undalini Andaraki …
Thank you ….
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